Engagement Ring Buying FAQ


Youve found the one you want to marry—now what? At Moyer Fine Jewelers, we know how exciting, yet overwhelming shopping for an engagement ring can be. Whether you know exactly what youre searching for or youre starting from scratch, we are here to help guide you through the process of buying your engagement ring.

If youre like most couples, youve done some research. Youve envisioned a few styles she might like, you know what the 4 Cs mean in generic terms, and youre ready to get started. Heres a brief FAQ with questions we most often hear from brides and grooms.

Who should come with me to look at engagement rings?

Whoever you want to come with you! We have some couples who prefer for the future bride to sit in on the first appointment. Normally during the first appointment, we narrow down what she likes as far as setting style and diamonds.

Some more traditional men choose to shop by themselves! They want to surprise their soon-to-be fiancé with her engagement ring. Other grooms bring a friend or family member to provide advice on style preferences.

She hasn’t given me any clues as to the style of the engagement ring. What do I do?

There is a lot to consider when youre looking for a setting style, but perhaps the most important is the woman who will be wearing it. Think about her tastes, interests, career, activity level and style as a guide. What color jewelry does she gravitate toward—white, rose or yellow? Does she prefer simple or ornate? Is she drawn to the classics or does she have her own unique style? Based on your input, we are able to navigate you in the right direction!

Its also important to consider metal type when choosing the setting. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are the most common metals used to make engagement rings and wedding bands.

Platinum is the among the purest and most valuable of the precious metals. Its rarer than gold which makes it more expensive than gold. Its the only white metal that wont tarnish or turn a natural yellow color, and doesnt require any routine plating. Its also an ideal metal for those with metal allergies because of its purity.

White gold and yellow gold are chosen more frequently for engagement ring settings with white gold being much more common. Gold is harder than platinum, and for many engagement ring styles, gold is recommended. White gold isnt actually white its created by mixing white alloys like nickel to yellow gold to achieve the white color.

What are the 4 C’s? Should I know about those prior to my appointment?

The four Cs refer to the diamonds properties: Color, Clarity, Cut Grade and Carat Weight. Instead of filling this answer with highly scientific terms and getting really technical, we will educate you on all of these in laymans terms. And no, you dont need to know any of this prior to your appointment. Regardless of what youve learned from online sources or other jewelry stores, we prefer to take you through our entire diamond education process. We find that everyone ends up learning something new or gaining additional knowledge regardless of their prior education.

What diamond shape should I choose?

There is no right answer to this question. We are here to provide you with diamond education on all of the diamond shapes to help you determine the right answer for you. Its easy to confuse cut with shape, but they are different. A diamonds shape refers to the general outward appearance of a diamond (i.e. round brilliant, oval shape, pear shape, etc.), while the cut refers to its outline and brilliance.

Round brilliant diamonds are the only diamonds that earn a cut grade. If shes looking for a really sparkly diamond, round brilliant is the ideal shape for her. A round brilliant cut diamond is the only shape that we have determined—in gemology—has ideal proportions to optimize light performance. We have created a consistent scale of measurements and proportions that produce a pleasing pattern and brilliant scintillation (or sparkle).

Oval shape, cushion cut, marquise cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and more are considered Fancy shape diamonds. Fancy shapes are cut for unique artistic outline, and preference can vary. They can have varying measurements and do not earn a cut grade. For example, oval shape diamonds can be long and lean or wider and more robust. One is not more correct than other.

The key takeaway is that beautiful diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing one is a matter of personal taste. Here are a few things to think about:

What is her personality? Is she more traditional or more contemporary? Is she fashion-forward or does she prefer a timeless classic? These are a few questions we will walk you through during your diamond presentation.

I know diamonds have lab certifications, but which lab certification is the best?

The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, is the worlds foremost authority for diamond grading. They are a third-party laboratory that serves as a reference point for determining a diamonds overall value based on the qualities it possesses. Having a GIA certificate gives you, the buyer, a sense of confidence and trust in your diamond purchase. As a non-profit entity, they are able to provide an objective opinion.

Approximately 99% of our diamonds at Moyer Fine Jewelers are GIA certified and come with a lab report. The only exceptions to this rule would be estate diamonds which have been personally graded by our in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist and diamond buyer.

She wants to custom design her engagement ring. Can you create a custom ring at Moyer?

Any of our bridal specialists can assist with custom designing an engagement ring. Our associates are trained to make your vision come to life with the help of sketches, Computer Animated Design (CAD) programs, and more. Whatever you are envisioning, we are able to make it a reality!

She wants a designer engagement ring. What designers do you have at Moyer?

We are proud to be authorized dealers of the worlds most renowned bridal brands such as Tacori, Christopher Designs, Rahaminov Diamonds, Michael M, and more. We pride ourselves on our selection within each of these brands, and are confident youll find the designer ring youre looking for at Moyer Fine Jewelers.

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